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Indian History- Ancient India Part 1

Harappan Civilization & Indus saraswati civilization is also known as Indus civilization because of its first discovered site. Duration of this civilization was 2500 BC-1750 BC.

Northern site includes Roper (Near Sutlej River, Punjab) and Manda ( Chenab River, J&K)

Eastern site includes Alamgirpur (Uttar pradesh )

Western site includes Sutkagendor (Now outside India, Pakistan-Iran Border)

Southern site includes Bhagatrav (Gujarat) and Daimabad (Maharashtra)

Capital Cities was Harappa & Mohenjodaro, port cities was Lothal, Sutkagendor, Allahdino, Balakot, Kuntasi.

Wheat and barely was the main crops and other crops was mustard, cotton, dates etc

They were exports mainly agricultural products, copper, conch shell, pottery, cotton goods etc and imports gold, silver, tin, amethyst etc.

There was no evidence about worship of God in temple but there is evidence of “prevalence of Yoni” (Matridevi / Shakti i.e Mother Goddess)worship and in male deity they worshiped “pasupati Mahadeva”.

Town planning (grid system), Burnt bricks in constructions, fortified citadel (except chanhudaro) and underground drainage system (Dholavira site).

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