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Life Science – Microbiology Part 1

Who is the Father of Microbiology A French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist Louis Pasteur. His renowned discoveries are:  Principles of vaccination, Microbial fermentation and Pasteurization. Classes of Microorganisms Six Classes of Microorganisms are: Based on disease produced Bacteria Virus Protozoa Fungi Helminths- Parasitic worm Rickettsiae Rabies caused by Rabies is a viral disease,If dog bites […]

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UGC-NET – Paper 1-Teaching Aptitude Part 1

Characteristics of Good Teaching Main Characteristics of Good Teaching Based on democratic ideals  Creates Self-motivation Progressive Nature Adjust the students with the environment Provides Desirable information Effective Planning for good teaching Focus on Important information  Good Teaching is sympathetic and directional in Nature It includes teacher previous knowledge, Performance and Teaching methods. Teacher enhances the

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