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Current Affairs Date: 23 July 2021


General Elections 2019 – An Atlas

⇒ Chief Election Commissioner, Shri Sushil Chandra along with Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar and Election Commissioner Shri Anup Chandra Pandey released ‘General Elections 2019 – An Atlas’ on June 15, 2021.

Atlas includes all data and statistical data of this monumental event. It has 42 thematic maps and 90 tables depicting various facets of the elections. The Atlas also shares interesting facts, anecdotes and legal provisions related to the Indian elections.

‘Atlas’ gives information about facts such as:

» The Atlas reflects salient features such as data of the 23 States and Union Territories, where women voting percentage was more than the male voting percentage.

» The Atlas depicts the electors data in different categories and through various comparison charts like Elector Gender Ratio and electors in different age categories.

» During the General Elections of 2014 and 2019, Atlas also compares the average number of electors per polling station in different states.

» Amongst the various other categories, the atlas compares the number of contesting candidates in the General Elections since 1951.

Author Tahira Kashyap Khurrana's Upcoming Book

⇒ Filmmaker-writer Tahira Kashyap Khurrana on 20 June 2021 announced her upcoming book about motherhood, titled “The 7 Sins of Being A Mother”. This is her fifth book.

Last year, the filmmaker had released the book “12 Commandments of Being A Woman”. The writer has also penned books like “Cracking The Code: My Journey in Bollywood” and “Souled Out”.

CSIR-IICT bagged TDB National Award

⇒ CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) has bagged the TDB National Award.

CSIR-IICT has received this award for development of lab to commercial scale technologies for p-tert-Butyl Toluene (PTBT) and p-tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid (PTBBA). These two products used in pharmaceuticals and polymer industry.

Currently there are no manufacturing units for the two products in the country. CSIR-IICT has developed the process knowhow for PTBT and PTBBA at bench scale, and scaled up the processes at pilot level.


Statement of Intent between MoLE and UNICEF

⇒ Ministry of Labour and Employment and UNICEF signed Statement of Intent on 17 June 2021.

The Statement of Intent intends to provide a platform for cooperation between MoLE and UNICEF to leverage the existing mainstreamed initiatives of both parties in select states to co-create and implement solutions at scale to tackle the employment and skilling challenges for adolescents and youth in India.

Areas of collaboration include:
    1. Create linkages with aspirational economic opportunities
    2. Upskilling of young people on 21stcentury skills
    3. Strengthening National Career Service (NCS) by forming a coalition of partners
    4. Support in Job forecasting
    5. Supporting direct dialogue and the establishment of a feedback mechanism between youth and policy stakeholders

Important Day

2021 Desertification and Drought Day

⇒ The 2021 Desertification and Drought Day were observed on 17 June. The Desertification and Drought day was focused on turning degraded land into healthy land. It helps biodiversity to recover. 


“Restoration. Land. Recovery. We build back better with healthy land” was the theme for 2021 Desertification and Drought Day.

Latest version of Desertification and Land Degradation Atlas of India:

On the occasion of 2021 Desertification and Drought Day, latest version of Desertification and Land Degradation Atlas of India has been released by the Government.

Read More About Latest Version of ‘Desertification and Land Degradation Atlas of India’

Source: PIB & Other News Reports

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