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SemiconIndia Conference 2022

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the first ever SemiconIndia Conference 2022 in Bengaluru on 29 April 2022.

  • The global semiconductor conclave was designed to bring together key stakeholders to showcase existing capabilities, ideate innovations and discuss global best practices.
Addressing the conference, the Prime Minister underlined six reasons for India being an attractive investment destination for Semiconductor technologies.
  1. First, India is building a digital infrastructure to connect over 1.3 billion Indians.
  2. Second, with steps like connecting six hundred thousand villages with broadband investment in developing capabilities in 5G, IoT and clean energy technologies, India is paving the way to lead the next technology revolution.
  3. Third, India is headed for robust economic growth with the world’s fastest-growing Startup Ecosystem. India’s own consumption of Semiconductors is expected to cross 80 billion Dollars by 2026 and 110 billion Dollars by 2030.
  4. Fourth, India has undertaken wide-ranging reforms for improving the ease of doing business in India.
  5. Fifth reason is heavy investment in skilling and training young Indians for the needs of the 21st century.
  6. Sixth, the Prime Minister said that India has undertaken several measures towards transforming the Indian manufacturing sector.
    • Prime Minister Modi talked about ”Production Linked Incentives” schemes that offer incentives of over 26 billion Dollars in 14 key sectors. Over the next 5 years, the electronics manufacturing sector is expected to see record growth, he informed.

» Shri Modi also told the audience about the recently announced Semi-con India Programme with a total outlay of over 10 billion dollars. This program aims to provide financial support to companies investing in semiconductors, display manufacturing and design ecosystems.

Organized by:

The SemiconIndia Conference 2022 was organized by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. The flagship conclave was held at ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru from 29th April to 1st May 2022.


The theme of SemiconIndia Conference 2022 was Catalyzing India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem.

  • With the theme, SemiconIndia Conference 2022 envisioned positioning India on the Semiconductor map of the world and building a roadmap for establishing a vibrant semiconductor design and manufacturing ecosystem.
  • The discourse throughout three days of conference focused on policy, talent, and government’s role and efforts in creating a favorable growth environment.
  • The flagship conference was the first step towards actualizing the India Semiconductor Mission and making its aspirations known globally.
  • The event helped to showcase the current capabilities, technology trends, investment in research and development, current and future market opportunities in India and the immense potential and impact it can create globally.
  • The Steering Committee for SemiconIndia Conference 2022 included a mix of Startups, Academia, and Global Industry Leaders demonstrating the Government’s collaborative approach to powering India’s semiconductor and electronics manufacturing ambitions.
  • The conference was a milestone towards the formal launch pad of India’s semiconductor strategy and policy which envisions making India a global hub for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing.
  • The participants of the conference saw active participation not only by key government representatives but also by global experts from industry, academia and research institutions.

During the conference, the government also solidified its partnerships with the industry by showcasing commitment and a keen interest to work with the stakeholders to realize its efforts towards actualizing the milestones set and translate its vision into a reality.

The below Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) were inked:
  1. MOU signed between SEMI and ELCINA to promote semiconductor ecosystem in India
  2. MOU between CDAC and Qualcomm for partnership in semiconductors which will target semiconductor design startups, in line with the objectives of the DLI scheme
  3. MOU between AICTE and SEMI and ISM for training and skilling tech workforce for the semiconductor sector

» India has received investment proposals from five global semicon majors to set up semiconductor fab and display fab locally in India. The proposals received so far are to the tune of $20.5b in the greenfield segment of display and semiconductor chip manufacturing.

» Applied Materials, a leader in material engineering solutions and largest semiconductor display equipment manufacturer in the world, made an announcement to invest 1800 crore rupees in India. The company has acquired a large land parcel in Bengaluru, to set up the proposed manufacturing facility.

The following MoUs were announced on the third and final day of SemiconIndia Conference 2022:

  1. India Semiconductor Mission has announced an MoU between Cyient, WiSig Networks and IIT Hyderabad to enable mass production of “5G Narrowband-IoT- the Koala Chip, Architected and Designed in India.
  2. MoU between Signal chip Innovations, MeitY and Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) for not only design and manufacture but also deployment and maintenance of 10 Lakh Integrated NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) and GPS Receivers.
    • Signal chip, an Indian Fabless semiconductor company has developed “Agumbe” series of baseband, modem and radio frequency (RF) chipsets for 5G/4G networks with integrated support for global navigation satellite systems including NavIC.
  3. Partnership was announced with Synopsys, Cadence Design Systems, Siemens EDA and Silvaco for making available their Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools & design solutions for Chips to Startup (C2S) Programme.
    • The C2S programme is being implemented by CDAC, a scientific society under Ministry of Electronics and IT, GoI at 100+ Institutions for 5 years.
  4. An MoU was announced between Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) USA and IIT Bombay to focus on bringing together SRC’s industry experts and India’s R&D talent to create a compelling industry driven world-class R&D program.
  5. MeitY announced that Prof Rao Tummala from Georgia Tech University, USA has consented to be a part of the Advisory Committee of India Semiconductor Mission. He is the father of the System-on-Package (SOP) concept vs. System-on-chip (SOC.) by the industry.
  6. MoU between Global Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE India) and Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) was announced for skill and technical standards development in semiconductor electronics focusing on VLSI design and Electromagnetic interference/Electromagnetic compatibility.
  7. MeitY announced an MoU between Atal Community Innovation Center-Kalasalingam Innovation Foundation (ACIC-KIF) and Centre for Development of Advanced Computing for collaborative R&D, Product development and Trainings in the areas of semiconductor technologies, Power electronics, Energy harvesting, Electric vehicles etc.
Source: PIB

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