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IIT Madras launched the Indian Network for Memory Studies

Indian Network for Memory Studies

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has launched the Indian Network for Memory Studies (INMS).

INMS is the nation’s first formal national network in the field of memory studies in India. The Indian Network for Memory Studies (INMS) is the first national network in the field in Asia under the aegis of the International Memory Studies Association, Amsterdam.


The network was inaugurated in the virtual event on June 16, 2021. In the event around 600 participants from India, Iraq, Finland, France, Germany, Mauritius, Sweden, UK, and the US joined.


The INMS will coordinate complex engagements with ‘memory’ from different institutes including cultural studies centres as well as neuroscience laboratories and industry research on AI and related fields.

The INMS aims to facilitate a departure from Eurocentric approaches in terms of the theoretical frameworks and worldviews.

Asia's first International Memory Studies Workshop

Recently, Indian Institute of Technology Madras’ Centre for Memory Studies hosted virtually Asia’s first International Memory Studies Workshop. This international workshop on Memory Studies, the first of its kind in Asia, preceded the official launch of the Indian Network for Memory Studies.

The International Memory Studies Workshop was conducted from April 26 to 30 2021, the workshop had 108 registered participants.

The international Memory Studies Workshop brought together academics from Kashmir, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Jharkhand among others as well as from the University of Warwick and Leeds Beckett University, UK.

Key objectives of International Memory Studies Workshop:
  • To provide a pioneering scholarly platform to train and mentor doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in Memory Studies.
  • To align interests from different disciplinary locations and identify research convergences to foster institute-level collaborations in India as well as internationally.
  • To facilitate the emergence of research methods and innovative, interactive, immersive tools in Memory Studies with the aid of digital technologies.
  • To facilitate the formation of research clusters and networks academically as well as with industry partners.

Source: IIT Madras, Indian Express & Other News Report

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