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World Happiness Report 2022

The World Happiness Report 2022 was released on 18 March 2022. This was the 10th edition of the World Happiness Report.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network publishes the World Happiness Report since 2012.


» The World Happiness Report is based on people’s own assessment of their happiness, as well as economic and social data.

» Six key variables contribute to explaining life evaluations. World Happiness Report evaluates levels of happiness by taking into account factors such as GDP per capita, social support, personal freedom, healthy life expectancy, generosity and levels of corruption in each nation.

Ranking of Countries in the World Happiness Report 2022

Rank of India & Neighboring Countries:

India is ranked 136th in the World Happiness Report 2022 with an Average Life Evaluation of 3.777. India has improved its rank by three spots as against last year’s 139.

  • Among the South Asian nations, only Taliban-ruled Afghanistan fared worse than India.
Ranking of India’s Neighboring Countries:

» Nepal (84th), Bangladesh (94th), Pakistan (121st), China (72nd), Myanmar (126th) and Sri Lanka (127th)

Ranking of the Top Five Countries:

» Finland was crowned the happiest country in the world for the fifth consecutive year in an annual UN-sponsored Report, which ranked 146 countries.

» Denmark bagged the second rank, while Iceland and Switzerland stood at third and fourth rank. The Netherlands was at the fifth rank in the report.

» The US ranked 16th, up three places from 2021. Britain was ranked 17th and France 20th.

Ranking of the Bottom Five Countries:

» Afghanistan was named the most unhappy country in the world, ranking last on the index of 146 countries.

» Afghanistan (146th), Lebanon (145th), Zimbabwe (144th), Rwanda (143rd), and Botswana (142nd)

  • The latest list was completed before the Russian(80th) invasion of Ukraine(98th).

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