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The Sanctuary Wildlife Service Awards 2020

Sanctuary Nature Foundation's Sanctuary Wildlife Service Awards 2020:

Sanctuary Lifetime Service Award 2020:

Conservation writer, historian, naturalist and veteran activist, S. Theodore Baskaran won the Sanctuary Lifetime Service Award 2020 for his role in wildlife conservation and his continuing legacy of writings in Tamil and English to the conservation discourse.

Baskaran authored five books in English, including ‘The Dance of the Sarus: Essays of a Wandering Naturalist’ (1999); ‘The Book of Indian Dogs’ (2017) and more recently, in 2020, ‘A Day with the Shama: Essays on Nature’.

Other Awards:

Young Naturalist Award:

  • Anurag Karekar (Multi-lingual nature educator, co-founder of NaturalisT Foundation and peer mentor)
  • Ridhima Pandey (Climate change activist, public speaker, and conservation communicator)
  • Suhaib Firdous Yatoo (Amateur naturalist, taxonomist, photographer and repository of natural history knowledge)

Green Teacher Award:

  • Dr. P.U. Antony (Long-time educator, inspiring youth leader and driven environmentalist)

Wildlife Service Awards:

  • Dr. Sanjay Molur (Passionate wildlifer, versatile conservation biologist and inspiring mentor)
  • Rita Banerji (Wildlife filmmaker, conservationist, youth icon and mentor)
  • IAMGURGAON (IAG): Latika Thukral, Swanzal Kak Kapoor & Vijay Dhasmana (Gurugram’s green defenders and rewilders of the Aravali Biodiversity Park)
  • Meghna Banerjee & Suvrajyoti Chatterjee (Lawyer-herpetologist duo, fearless activists and wildlife-community conservationists)
  • Brijlal (Self-taught naturalist and birder, avid wildlifer and Dudhwa connoisseur)


The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards were instituted two decades ago to celebrate individuals who have dedicated their lives to the protection of the biosphere and its inhabitants. The Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award is instituted by the Sanctuary Nature Foundation.

Source: sanctuarynaturefoundation.org

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