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NITI Aayog Released India Innovation Index 2020

India Innovation Index 2020

NITI Aayog, along with the Institute for Competitiveness, released the second edition of the India Innovation Index on 20 January 2021.

The India Innovation Index 2020 was released by NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Dr Rajiv Kumar. It has been developed in the lines of Global Innovation Index.

The report examines the innovation capabilities and performance of the states and union territories.

The innovation Inputs were measured through five Enabler Parameters and the Output were measured through two Performance Parameters.

Enabler Parameters:

  1. Human Capital
  2. Investment
  3. Knowledge Workers
  4. Business Environment
  5. Safety and Legal Environment

Performance Parameters:

  1. Knowledge Output
  2. Knowledge Diffusion

Overall, the framework of India Innovation Index 2020 consists of 36 indicators, which include hard data (32 indicators) and four composite indicators.

The states and union territories have been divided into 17 ‘Major States’, 10 ‘North-Eastern/Hill States’, and 9 ‘Union Territories and City States’, for effectively comparing their performance.

Major States category:

In the Major States category, Karnataka continued to occupy the top position, followed by Maharashtra & Tamilnadu on second & third position respectively, while Bihar ranked 17th at the bottom of the index.

UT & City States category:

In the UT & City States category, Delhi retained its first rank, followed by Chandigarh at second place. Lakshadweep has been ranked 9th, at the bottom of index.

North-Eastern/Hill States category:

Under the North-Eastern/Hill States category, Himachal Pradesh emerges as the top ranker this year, followed by Uttarakhand at second place. Meghalaya has been ranked 10th, at the bottom of index.

Ranks of States & UTs in the Report of India Innovation Index 2020:

India Innovation Index 2020
Image Source: PIB

The India Innovation Index aims to create an extensive framework for the continual evaluation of India’s innovation environment.


The National Institution for Transforming India, also called NITI Aayog, was formed via a resolution of the Union Cabinet on January 1, 2015. NITI Aayog is the premier policy ‘Think Tank’ of the Government of India, providing both directional and policy inputs.

The first edition of the India Innovation Index was launched in October 2019.

CEO of NITI Aayog: Amitabh Kant

Source: PIB

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